Renewable Energy

May 2023 | Renewable EnergyRevitalizing a Community With Renewable EnergyLa Granaudière

May 2023 | Renewable Energy

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable Energy

La Granaudière

The La Granaudière renewable energy project is currently underway in the Saint Michel des Saints region of Québec. The project involves constructing and operating a wood pellet plant capable of producing 200,000 metric tonnes of pellets annually, to be sold primarily in Europe. After more than five years of planning, the development broke ground in September of 2019 and is expected to be complete by end of the summer of this year.

2023 | April 2023 | Renewable EnergyThings Are Heating up For Geothermal EnergyGeosource Energy

2023 | April 2023 | Renewable Energy

Things Are Heating up For Geothermal Energy

Geosource Energy

Geoexchange is how geothermal energy, generated and stored below the Earth’s surface, provides efficient and cost-effective heating, cooling, and hot water to a home or structure. Because the temperature below the surface of the earth remains constant, exchanging heat is more efficient, making geoexchange more sustainable than conventional HVAC, at a fraction of the financial and environmental cost. Known as geothermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, these systems use the stable temperature of the ground to store heat energy so it can be pulled back out and distributed into a building using minimal electricity.

2023 | April 2023 | Renewable EnergyA Partner You Can Count OnNational Waste Partners

2023 | April 2023 | Renewable Energy

A Partner You Can Count On

National Waste Partners

National Waste Partners handles compactor and baler sales, rentals, repair, and waste coordination services for more than 4,000 commercial and industrial customers throughout 45 states. The company formed in 2017 when the private equity firm Bestige Holdings LLC brought together Compactor Rentals of America (CRA), Action Compaction Services (ACS) and Computerized Waste Systems to provide a complete, streamlined solution.

2021 | Renewable Energy | September 2021New Name, New Mandate, New OutlookCapstone Green Energy

2021 | Renewable Energy | September 2021

New Name, New Mandate, New Outlook

Capstone Green Energy

Capstone has expanded its offerings and completed a rebrand since Business in Focus spoke with the company back in late 2017. Originally called Capstone Turbine Corporation, the Van Nuys, California-based firm changed its name to Capstone Green Energy Corporation on Earth Day—April 22—of this year. While it is as committed as ever to cost-saving, eco-friendly energy solutions, the name change reflects the company’s much bigger vision.

2021 | Renewable Energy | September 2021Clean Mining for Clean EnergyThe Necessary Components

2021 | Renewable Energy | September 2021

Clean Mining for Clean Energy

The Necessary Components

The move toward making energy generation as clean as possible remains a slow shift in some industries. In mining, several contributors are making inroads toward a brighter, cleaner future for mineral extraction. How do they mitigate the environmental and even social impacts of extracting the minerals needed to get there? In this feature, we take a look at some of the aspects surrounding the issue.

2021 | April 2021 | Renewable EnergyRethinking WaterWise Wastewater Management

2021 | April 2021 | Renewable Energy

Rethinking Water

Wise Wastewater Management

From the trickle of water we use at home to brush our teeth to the millions of gallons consumed daily by the resource sectors, agriculture, and manufacturing, every drop is precious. Fortunately, water is far from being a single-use commodity. Depending on contamination, water can be cleaned, recycled, and re-used. From industrial laundromats running their grey water through pipes to heat facilities, to homeowners using dishwater to flush toilets or irrigate gardens, water can be used far more efficiently than we may think.


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