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A Pipeline of TalentWomen in the Field

A Pipeline of Talent

Women in the Field

Throughout all the years women have been in the workforce, they have faced numerous challenges, including balancing familial and professional responsibilities. On top of that, they’ve been up against bias and preconceived notions about what a woman can and can’t do when it comes to work.

From Rivers to Ocean WavesIs Water the Answer to Renewable Power?

From Rivers to Ocean Waves

Is Water the Answer to Renewable Power?

It’s pretty hard to miss how countries around the globe are making the environment a priority. From the latest Biden administration initiatives to put green power and renewable resources on the agenda to pledges by leading nations to meet new carbon-neutral goals by 2050, there’s one source that’s been achieving these targets for more than 100 years—hydroelectricity.

Big Oil & Rising RenewablesFossil Fuels at a Fork in the Road

Big Oil & Rising Renewables

Fossil Fuels at a Fork in the Road

Peak oil theory is the concept that there is a point where the world’s production of oil will reach the maximum amount of production, after which the amount we can produce will start to decline. This comes from American geologist and geophysicist Marion King Hubbert, who theorized that oil production ultimately has a bell-shaped curve.

New Farms, New FoodInnovation in Agriculture

New Farms, New Food

Innovation in Agriculture

They say you are what you eat.

Well, if technology is the future of food, we might be more apt to say we digitize than digest.

With 2 billion more people living on the planet in the next 30 years, global population is expected to outpace current food production supply by as early as 2050. Compounding this situation is that in some countries, such as the U.S., irrigation-thirsty agricultural land is pumping groundwater faster than nature can replenish.

Green Growth StandardsFuture-Proofing the Economy

Green Growth Standards

Future-Proofing the Economy

We have become so good at extracting resources from the Earth that we’re now extracting at three times the rate that we did in 1970. Demand is increasing as emerging economies mature. By 2025, global consumption will reach $62 trillion, twice as much as in 2013.

Shine On – How DIY Solar Power Pays OffaltE Store

Shine On – How DIY Solar Power Pays Off

altE Store

While Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson are sending rockets to explore space and make Mars habitable for humans, there’s a strong argument to be made for housekeeping changes on Earth, especially if you can’t afford to relocate to the Red Planet.

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