What’s on Show? Just the Entire Energy Value Chain

dmg events and The Global Energy Show & Conference
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

The world is in debate, and the subject is energy, whether traditional fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal, or solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewables. Meanwhile, regulators and power producers alike search for the holy grail that is a lower-carbon economy.

Fair to say that this most vital sector of the world’s economy is presently in a ferment, with numerous big questions arising, and none yet fully answered.

So, in its 55th year, the Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference should be unmissable. It’s the forum for attendees to engage, network, and learn about sustainability strategies, new cleantech initiatives and decarbonization; attend lively and engaging roundtable discussions and presentations by industry experts and influencers; and meet others to share global energy challenges and solutions.

Discussing this year’s upcoming show, Nick Samain leaves no doubt about how enthusiastic he is. As Senior Vice President for the Calgary location of global exhibitions and publishing company dmg events, Samain says the name of the upcoming exhibition was changed from the Global Petroleum Show to the Global Energy Show in 2020 in light of energy sector changes and the need for cleaner technology and reduced emissions.

“All that put together has transformed the show floor of the global energy show, and it’s done so in some important and exciting ways,” he says.

Driving discussion
The Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference is North America’s only comprehensive, integrated energy event. Of the promise of this year’s show, dmg events says, “As no single source of energy can meet the increased global energy demand, the Global Energy Show is where Canada demonstrates its vision and leadership by bringing the right people together to meet global challenges with real-world solutions.”

Enormously proud of the representation of oil and gas at the event, the organizers are also aware that large petroleum-based producers with international operations are leaders in a changing industry, shifting their businesses and growth toward sustainable hydrocarbon production and lowering carbon emissions. In Canada, for example, the six largest oil-sands producers created Pathways Alliance (https://pathwaysalliance.ca/), committing themselves to both supplying global energy needs and achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

And it’s no coincidence that the Show is being held at Calgary’s BMO Centre at Stampede Park. Renowned for its oil and gas production, Alberta is also home to the 3,300-acre Travers Solar Project—the largest in Canada—and is seeing considerable investment in renewables.

“Overall, it speaks to the theme of the Global Energy Show,” says Samain, adding that the need to meet energy demands is no longer a “this” or “that” discussion about petroleum versus renewables. “I think we need to recognize that no single source of energy can meet the world’s demands. The world has changed a bit. Does LNG displace coal in other parts of the region, and can we make it as clean as possible in Canada? Yes, we can,” he says.

“And those are the types of debates and discussions that happen at the Global Energy Show, because they need to happen, and they need to happen face-to-face, so this event has an opportunity to influence things like policy and investment.”

With great power…
In Canada, we are fortunate to have an abundance of energy and resources, but the same cannot be said for many others around the globe. The country has a responsibility to be a leader in responsible power production, and the Global Energy Show is the ideal B2B exhibition and conference.

Welcoming representatives from over 111 countries, the event (from June 13-15) is a place to have conversations about Canadian energy and our supply chain with an international audience, and gain—and give—new perspectives that may lead to positive changes.

“It’s three days of really supercharging that industry and that’s how we plan the show, with a day-after approach,” says Samain.

“A year out, we get our governing body members together and say, ‘it’s the day after, let’s put our minds there right now. What’s happened? What were the important discussions? What’s that feeling I‘m going to get, walking the Global Energy Show?’ It’s the next 20 years of energy, and the greatest general moonshot opportunity that we’ve got.”

The entire value chain
Billed as North America’s only exhibition featuring the entire value chain, the Global Energy Show is the largest B2B exhibition and conference of its kind. It’s a place where energy industry pros gather and talk about the global energy transition, the role of all energy resources, and the latest innovations and technologies.

This year, the exhibition show floor will host over 600 exhibitors spread over five exhibition halls and an outdoor zone. Along with the exhibition, the event features a strategic and technical conference, and special presentations like the Global Energy Show Awards, the Plug and Play Innovation Theatre, the Emissions Reduction Theatre, and much more.

Over 30,000 participants are expected to attend, along with 22,500 companies doing business. The 2023 strategic conference will discuss topics such as the vital role of oil and gas in a functioning economy, cleantech investments and renewable energy, and the potential of hydrogen to power our lives. And experts and industry leaders at The Global Energy Technical Conference will discuss the future of energy and technology.

The Top 3 Strategic Conference Panels, meanwhile, will discuss Balancing the International Scales: Do Unsettling Geopolitical Situations Threaten the Energy Transition?; Nuclear, The Myth, The Legend; and The Great Carbon Capture Debate—A Real Solution or Another Way to Extend the Use of Fossil Fuels?

Moderated by industry experts, Interactive Roundtable Discussions will focus on a range of specific technical topics, such as Clean Energy Ecosystems: Is it Possible to Achieve Net Zero by 2035?; New Transformative Tech to Decarbonize the Energy Sector; Scaling and Growing the Hydrogen Market: The Challenges versus the Opportunities; and Challenges and Opportunities for CCUS [carbon capture, utilization and storage] Commercialization.

All sessions will be recorded, and full conference delegates will have access to the library for six months.

“There are two conferences,” explains Samain, “but at that main strategic conference, you can expect premiers to be speaking, international Ministers that regularly speak on the stage; real experts and leaders in industry such as presidents and CEOs of different international companies, as well as leaders here in energy like Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate. The mix of speakers is back to that matrix of energy, no single source. All roads lead back to electricity.”

Back to in-person
Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989, dmg events is behind 84 events in 24 countries, with some events drawing over 150,000 attendees. When COVID hit in March 2020, dmg, like many large event organizers, thought it was temporary.

In-person, face-to-face events—the foundation of the company—kept being pushed to later dates until 2022, which became the first full year that dmg could again mount all the events in its calendar. 2023 is the second year that dmg is operating on its regular cycle, which is vital for the Global Energy Show, since it attracts domestic and international visitors.

“We need people because we are different from many conference producers,” says Samain. “All of our events always have a large exhibition attached to them, and exhibitors want to see people, busy aisles, and qualified attendance, especially conference delegates. We say, ‘An educated buyer is an empowered buyer.’ So they go to conferences, learn about a new technology, a new market, or investment opportunities, and go into the exhibitions which are really a marketplace for sectors, whether that’s broader energy or something specific like carbon capture or hydrogen, and do business.”

The location of the show, Calgary, represents a new chapter in Canada’s energy sector. Alberta is the heart of the country’s energy sector although it has faced some challenges over the past few years. There is, however, a momentum now in the industry, one creating many dynamic opportunities.

“It’s not quite ground-level, but it’s exploding out here in a great way,” says Samain. “And for anybody who’s in a supply chain, whether it’s manufacturing or allied resources, technology, AI, or anything else, the energy sector has all of that and more, and it touches so many important Canadian industries in the supply chain. I would say, come out and see what it’s all about. It will be worth your while because we are booming in a new era for Canadian energy.”



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