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Safety MattersJannatec Technologies

Safety Matters

Jannatec Technologies

In business, there are visionaries, and there are imitators. In the field of mining safety and communications, Jannatec Technologies remains at the forefront of innovative technology in products, systems, and services that improve both ease of operations and safety.

Bridging Suppliers and CustomersMineConnect

Bridging Suppliers and Customers


Although its name is relatively new, MineConnect’s mission remains the same as ever: to serve as the voice of Ontario’s mining sector. Originally known as SAMSSA, the Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Service Association, the organization was rebranded a few years back as MineConnect.

Reimagining Development with CleantechGreenwood Energy

Reimagining Development with Cleantech

Greenwood Energy

Sustainable energy projects are on the rise worldwide, and Greenwood Energy is a leader in the development, financing, construction, and operation of these power generation projects. Committed to social purpose, Greenwood’s turnkey solutions include everything from handling legalities, to technical permitting and building, to maintenance.

Fishing to Feed the WorldThe Advantages of Aquaculture

Fishing to Feed the World

The Advantages of Aquaculture

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Where this famous proverb comes from is still unknown, but its meaning is clear: giving someone the means to do something, instead of doing it for them, is better in the long run.

A Balancing ActWhy Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

A Balancing Act

Why Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

From the cars we drive daily to natural gas for cooking to generating electricity to heat our homes, the dependence on fossil fuels goes back centuries. Yet it’s impossible to turn on the TV or read the news and not see a story that’s part of a swelling chorus about the urgent need to reduce, or even eliminate, our dependence on fossil fuels.

Modern MachinesNew Technology in Robotics

Modern Machines

New Technology in Robotics

With rising global demand for minerals and fossil fuels, evolving safety concerns, and the need to increase production and remain profitable, the resources sector is embracing Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, and robotic solutions.

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