Wellness at Work

A Healthy Mindset Supports Worker Success

Working in the resource sector can be stressful, lonely, and repetitive, leading to depression, substance abuse, and other health issues. Fortunately, awareness of the need to support workers in oil and gas, mining, and the lumber industry is growing…

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Investing in the FutureFederal Foam Technologies

Investing in the Future

Federal Foam Technologies

With its origins going back over 75 years, Federal Foam Technologies, Inc. is a company with a rich heritage and a bright future. Far from resting on its laurels, Federal Foam doesn’t rely on its reputation to generate progress but instead continues to invest in itself to the benefit of the company, its employees, and its customers.

This Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fleet Proves its WorthCatalyst Energy Services

This Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fleet Proves its Worth

Catalyst Energy Services

When Catalyst Energy Services was profiled in the September 2022 issue of Resource in Focus, the Texas-based company had just released its highly innovative Vortex Prime pumping system. Vortex Prime is designed to reduce costs, emissions, and maintenance during hydraulic fracturing operations to recover natural gas. Now, Catalyst has a case study with data that aptly demonstrates the merits of its cutting-edge pump solution.

The Future Is NowDevelopments in PPE

The Future Is Now

Developments in PPE

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, has been an official staple of workforces for over a century. Today, PPE is a must for any business’ safe practices when it comes to its employees; however, as with many staples of the working world, there is still room for improvement. Addressing everything from modern considerations to age-old workplace concerns, advancements in PPE are accelerating to meet the needs of today’s workers.

Providing Power for Over 75 YearsBoundary Electric

Providing Power for Over 75 Years

Boundary Electric

Boundary Electric of Grand Forks, British Columbia, has been designing and manufacturing electrical transmission equipment for over seventy-five years. The longevity of this family-run firm is due, in part, to its ability to recognize emerging markets that require huge supplies of electricity. In doing this, the company has become a leader in building electrical infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining and is closely monitoring developments in the nascent hydrogen energy sector.

Leading the WayArchrock

Leading the Way


Some businesses see themselves simply as suppliers of products or services, while others, like Archrock, are strategic partners. Working with customers every step of the way to improve productivity, Houston-based Archrock remains a powerhouse provider of natural gas contract compression services in the U.S.

Celebrating the Uniqueness of Each Member CompanyPatrick Mechanical Limited

Celebrating the Uniqueness of Each Member Company

Patrick Mechanical Limited

Featuring a dynamic collaboration of industry-leading entities—each with its distinct expertise and uncompromising commitment to excellence—the Patrick Group of Companies embraces a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the realm of modern business, the Patrick Group of Companies shines as an embodiment of collaboration’s power. With each company excelling in its field, they’ve unified their strengths to provide an unmatched customer contracting experience.

Often Copied, Never DuplicatedLabrie Environmental Group

Often Copied, Never Duplicated

Labrie Environmental Group

In business, there are imitators and there are innovators, and the Labrie name is known worldwide for its pioneering solid waste industry trucks. Respected for groundbreaking designs and exceptional quality, Labrie Environmental Group makes waste management, compost, and recycling easier and more efficient for municipalities across North America.


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