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Improving America’s Housing StockFalcon Group

Improving America’s Housing Stock

Falcon Group

Serving the Eastern United States from New York to Miami, full-service, architectural, engineering, and construction management firm The Falcon Group is known for its work in multi-family residential construction and other shared community spaces. The firm has also diversified into more commercial, institutional, and public projects.

A Trusted Voice in the Canadian Recycling IndustryIce River Sustainable Solutions

A Trusted Voice in the Canadian Recycling Industry

Ice River Sustainable Solutions

Four and a half years ago, Ice River was featured in Manufacturing in Focus as a manufacturer of environmentally responsible bottled water. Since that time, it has grown significantly and undergone a major transformation, rebranding under the new name Ice River Sustainable Solutions (IRSS) to demonstrate its increasing commitment to improving the plastics industry.

Making an ImpactRecleim

Making an Impact


Recleim procures refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, heating and air conditioning units, and any other household appliances that are being discarded. These old appliances undergo a de-manufacturing process at this environmentally-focused appliance recycling company to deliver an output of various commodities including steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

A Century-Long Tradition of Adaptation and ReinventionFilco Carting

A Century-Long Tradition of Adaptation and Reinvention

Filco Carting

Filco Carting is a full-service rubbish removal and recycling company serving the five boroughs of New York City. As a company heavily focused on sustainability, Filco looks for safe and modern waste solutions in all aspects of the business, from pick-up to disposal. Offering residential, commercial, and industrial collection services, Filco develops personal relationships with its customers and this results in significant repeat business.

Advocating for Safety in the Solid Waste IndustryThe Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

Advocating for Safety in the Solid Waste Industry

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) is a professional organization providing advocacy, research, and education to solid waste leaders in the public and private sectors. “SWANA is unique, as it is the only association in the waste and recycling sector that represents people in both the public and private sectors,” explained David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO of the Solid Waste Association of North America. “We are also the only solid waste association with chapters from coast-to-coast, and this is true both in the United States and Canada.”

Providing Valuable Savings to Families with Solar and Energy EfficiencyPosiGen

Providing Valuable Savings to Families with Solar and Energy Efficiency


PosiGen provides solar and energy efficiency solutions with a unique approach. Rather than customizing solar products for individual houses, the company offers three separate sizes that work for every customer. The size of the system installed on a house is based on the consumption of energy in the home and the total roof size available considering shading issues. This method allows PosiGen to drive its cost of installing solar down lower than any other company in the industry.

Smart, Sustainable Greenhouse SolutionsCeres Greenhouse Solutions

Smart, Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions designs and builds smart greenhouses for everything from small, residential, hobby projects to large-scale, commercial agricultural applications. With a desire to raise the standard of greenhouse production, Ceres is solving greenhouse sustainability problems through groundbreaking engineering and a focus on energy and resource efficiency.

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable EnergyLa Granaudière

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable Energy

La Granaudière

The La Granaudière renewable energy project is currently underway in the Saint Michel des Saints region of Québec. The project involves constructing and operating a wood pellet plant capable of producing 200,000 metric tonnes of pellets annually, to be sold primarily in Europe. After more than five years of planning, the development broke ground in September of 2019 and is expected to be complete by end of the summer of this year.

Innovations in Net MaintenanceBadinotti Group

Innovations in Net Maintenance

Badinotti Group

Badinotti Group is a world-renowned international manufacturer of knotted and knotless netting for applications from fish farming and aquaculture to sports and safety. The Group’s Badinotti Services Canada division specializes in net maintenance and cleaning for fisheries and aquaculture farming operations in Canada.

Unrivaled Products & ServiceHolland Pump

Unrivaled Products & Service

Holland Pump

Florida-based Holland Pump manufactures and services industrial hydraulic pumps and pumping equipment for clients, who can either buy or rent. The company serves the pumping needs of the agriculture, construction, municipal, utility, and mining industries, among others, and has built a solid reputation in the pump equipment industry for helping customers get their work done fast – and the right way.

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its CommunitySteam Turbine Alternative Resources

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its Community

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources (STAR) is the only family-owned and woman-owned turbine company in the United States. It manufactures replacement parts for turbines in power plants, and its precision machine shop specializes in customized billets to help improve efficiency. For individualized parts that have been worn down, STAR uses reverse engineering to determine how the part fits into the power plant and recreates it.

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