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Keeping Us ConnectedArshon Technology Inc.

Keeping Us Connected

Arshon Technology Inc.

Arshon Technology Inc. Founder and CEO Mazi Hosseini was struck with a groundbreaking idea while on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. “We had no connection whatsoever to outside of the cruise,” he remembers. The lack of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity posed a problem when his family wanted to find one another on the sprawling ship. “I could not talk to my son or my wife. We didn’t know where we were. The cruise was significantly large. We had to find each other just by walking around.”

Now HiringOvercoming the Resource Industry Labour Shortage

Now Hiring

Overcoming the Resource Industry Labour Shortage

Labour shortages have become an ongoing challenge for the resource industry. A tsunami of retirements and resignations has hit the mining sector in recent years and there is a lack of workers ready to replace these loses. Employee numbers are plummeting across all levels, from senior management positions to Fly In Fly Out workers.

The Future of EnergyElevation

The Future of Energy


Elevation was launched to combat the all too common problem of high energy bills. Co-founders Jerry Coleman and Brian Bair experienced this dilemma firsthand while investing in real estate. As their portfolio expanded, so too did their energy bills. In fact, energy expenses often came second only to the cost of the mortgages.

Driven by TechnologyLeck Waste Services

Driven by Technology

Leck Waste Services

Leck Waste Services has been family-owned-and-operated since 1971. Launched by a determined, entrepreneurial-minded father and son team, the once humble startup now boasts 86 employees and 60 trucks operating daily throughout a sizable portion of Pennsylvania. The company provides a full suite of residential, commercial, and municipal services as well as complete compactor services, portable toilets, and shredding services.

A Company That CaresEcotech

A Company That Cares


Ecotech is the largest, locally-owned, privately-held, solid waste disposal company in the Louisville and Southern Indiana region, and its deep roots within this area set the business apart.

Transformative Energy SolutionsKiloVault

Transformative Energy Solutions


KiloVault delivers reliable power to where it is needed—no matter the location. “What we’re really all about is providing innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications,” summarizes President Jay Galasso.

A Family Success StoryAbe’s Trash Service

A Family Success Story

Abe’s Trash Service

Abe’s Trash Service launched back in 1955 during a Nebraska dry spell that caused the corn to die in the field. With his crops failing, Omaha farmer Abe Christensen desperately needed an income. “It was very dry and he was out of money,” remembers Abe’s son and current owner John Christensen. “That’s why he started picking up trash.”

Leading the Solid Waste IndustryThe Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

Leading the Solid Waste Industry

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has been the leading association in the solid waste management field for over sixty years. With forty-seven chapters in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, and more than ten thousand public and private sector members, SWANA is the largest member-based solid waste association in the world. The organization provides technical conferences, certifications, publications, and a wide variety of technical training courses to support the industry.

National Reach, Personalized ServiceJacam Catalyst

National Reach, Personalized Service

Jacam Catalyst

Chemical service company, Jacam Catalyst, has a strong national presence with offices in more than fifty locations throughout the country, with corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Texas and Kansas. This subsidiary of CES Energy Solutions is the second-largest supplier in the Permian, Mid-Continent, and Rockies production basins and the third-largest oilfield production chemical company in the entire United States.

A Diverse ApproachDEI Systems

A Diverse Approach

DEI Systems

Electrical and low voltage systems integration contractor DEI Systems LLC is located near Boston in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The family-owned-and-operated business sets itself apart with a unique, dynamic approach. In addition to mainstream construction service, the company delivers turnkey engineering, design, and build services for every building system that requires high or low-voltage power.

A Formula for SuccessIcon Legacy Custom Modular Homes

A Formula for Success

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, LLC was founded in 2007, “just in time to watch the market tank,” remembers Sales Manager Bruce Bingaman. Yet, despite this challenge, the family-owned and operated company managed to thrive and grow to become a strong presence in the industry. “We survived and now I believe us to be a very strong player in the...

Women in MiningMaking their Mark in a Male-Dominated Industry

Women in Mining

Making their Mark in a Male-Dominated Industry

Women have made incredible strides in the mining industry. Just a few decades ago, states throughout the U.S. had laws that actually prohibited women from working underground. Folklore banned women from mines as well; common belief held that women brought bad luck to a mine or that they were too fragile to handle the demands of working underground. It was not uncommon for women to be outright denied entry to a mine as they began pushing into the industry in the 1970s.

Clean, Smart Storage for Solar EnergyFortress Power

Clean, Smart Storage for Solar Energy

Fortress Power

Pennsylvania-based Fortress Power got its start when electrical engineer Jing Yu and longtime business manager Barry Moore decided to provide a better solar energy storage solution. The industry insiders recognized the need for a reliable battery to store solar energy produced during the day, when most people are not at home to take advantage of the power. By the time most consumers come home from work, the sun is going down and the time for harnessing solar energy is waning. “There is a need to store the excess power during the day and use it when you need it,” Yu says.

A Partner You Can Count OnNational Waste Partners

A Partner You Can Count On

National Waste Partners

National Waste Partners handles compactor and baler sales, rentals, repair, and waste coordination services for more than 4,000 commercial and industrial customers throughout 45 states. The company formed in 2017 when the private equity firm Bestige Holdings LLC brought together Compactor Rentals of America (CRA), Action Compaction Services (ACS) and Computerized Waste Systems to provide a complete, streamlined solution.

Science-Driven InnovatorsFlex-Chem

Science-Driven Innovators


Flex-Chem is a science-driven innovation leader for the oil and gas industry. The company launched in 2002 with a novel biotechnology used to control paraffin in oil wells, and the team has continued to develop new solutions by working closely with clients.

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