October 2020

2020 | October 2020Celebrating Over a Century of Dedicated ServiceHarris

2020 | October 2020

Celebrating Over a Century of Dedicated Service


Georgia-based Harris specializes in manufacturing products that benefit the scrap processing, recycling, and waste-handling industries. It was founded in 1889 by two business partners who began a machine shop and fabricating business to support the sawmill and railroad industries in and around Cordele, Georgia. Harris later became known for designing the world’s first hydraulic baler in the 1930s, the first hydraulic shear in the 1950s, and the first two ram baler in the 1960s. As President Greg King asserts, the company effectively was the shear and baler industry both domestically and globally for a time.

2020 | October 2020Harnessing HeliumChallenges, Opportunities, and Moon Shots

2020 | October 2020

Harnessing Helium

Challenges, Opportunities, and Moon Shots

For the young and young at heart, there is no denying helium is fun. Has anyone been to a birthday party where someone didn’t untie a balloon, inhale the colourless, odourless and non-flammable gas, and start squeaking? Well, as entertaining as helium is, its practical applications go far beyond gags and lighter-than-air balloons. And before too long, party giggles and more may be coming by way of the moon.

2020 | April 2020 | Mining | October 2020Environmental Passion Drives Westpro MachineryWestpro Machinery Inc.

2020 | April 2020 | Mining | October 2020

Environmental Passion Drives Westpro Machinery

Westpro Machinery Inc.

Environmental issues and concerns have rightfully taken centre stage for a number of years around the globe, and Westpro Machinery’s ongoing commitment to caring for the earth isn’t just lip service: this Canadian mineral processing technology company is putting its innovative knowledge to excellent use, with more than 34 years of invaluable experience and an unwavering dedication to leaving this planet cleaner for generations to come.


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