October 2022

From Rivers to Ocean WavesIs Water the Answer to Renewable Power?

From Rivers to Ocean Waves

Is Water the Answer to Renewable Power?

It’s pretty hard to miss how countries around the globe are making the environment a priority. From the latest Biden administration initiatives to put green power and renewable resources on the agenda to pledges by leading nations to meet new carbon-neutral goals by 2050, there’s one source that’s been achieving these targets for more than 100 years—hydroelectricity.

The Future of EnergyElevation

The Future of Energy


Elevation was launched to combat the all too common problem of high energy bills. Co-founders Jerry Coleman and Brian Bair experienced this dilemma firsthand while investing in real estate. As their portfolio expanded, so too did their energy bills. In fact, energy expenses often came second only to the cost of the mortgages.

Reimagining Development with CleantechGreenwood Energy

Reimagining Development with Cleantech

Greenwood Energy

Sustainable energy projects are on the rise worldwide, and Greenwood Energy is a leader in the development, financing, construction, and operation of these power generation projects. Committed to social purpose, Greenwood’s turnkey solutions include everything from handling legalities, to technical permitting and building, to maintenance.

Rapid Growth for This West Texas Construction FirmRogue Energy Services

Rapid Growth for This West Texas Construction Firm

Rogue Energy Services

Rogue Energy Services has grown enormously since it was founded five years ago, and this is thanks to a combination of innovation and an old-school commitment to hard work and meeting deadlines. The firm’s areas of expertise include pipeline and oilfield construction, facility maintenance, and heavy hauling. Oil and gas companies make up its main client base.

Fishing to Feed the WorldThe Advantages of Aquaculture

Fishing to Feed the World

The Advantages of Aquaculture

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Where this famous proverb comes from is still unknown, but its meaning is clear: giving someone the means to do something, instead of doing it for them, is better in the long run.

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