The Future of Energy

Written by Claire Suttles

Elevation was launched to combat the all too common problem of high energy bills. Co-founders Jerry Coleman and Brian Bair experienced this dilemma firsthand while investing in real estate. As their portfolio expanded, so too did their energy bills. In fact, energy expenses often came second only to the cost of the mortgages.

The business partners knew something had to be done. So they set their sights on uncovering the cause of these outrageous costs and learning how to bring those costs down by creating homes that were more energy-efficient.

The concept quickly became a business. Elevation started with rooftop solar, then soon added energy efficiency services after the team recognized that energy-efficient homes require a reduction in the amount of energy used in addition to the use of clean energy. After acquiring Curb Energy in 2020, Elevation brought smart energy monitoring technology into the business as part of a Whole Home Solution, giving homeowners a complete package to meet all their energy-related needs, as described at

Elevation has grown rapidly since its inception, becoming the biggest energy efficiency provider in the United States and the 14th largest residential installer in the nation. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, the company operates throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Florida, and offers select services in other parts of the United States. Whatever the service or location, all work is handled in-house and comes with ongoing communication to ensure clients are informed throughout the process.

The first step toward what the company calls an ‘Elevated Home’ is a Building Performance institute (BPI)-Certified Energy Audit to seal the building in order to lower energy usage. The company’s Energy Efficiency Package includes assessing air leaks, checking insulation levels to identify areas that require sealing or insulating, and an overall evaluation of the home’s air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. In addition to cutting heating and cooling costs, this process will eliminate hot and cold spots within the home and help to maintain the desired temperature throughout.

After eliminating energy leaks, a home may require up to five fewer solar panels, creating as much $1,000 in cost savings for the homeowner. When it comes to overall energy use, the audit may bring as much as ten percent savings for the homeowner.

Solar installation always includes high-quality premium solar panels, advanced microinverters, and a 25-year warranty on products and labor. In addition to long-term cost savings and increased home value, solar energy brings a wealth of environmental benefits including: freedom from nonrenewable resources; a reduction in air pollution; a reduction in hazardous waste; a reduction in the use of water; and more. Elevation’s solar-powered homes do remain connected to the grid and homeowners will still pay a monthly electric bill, but it will be reduced significantly. Solar tax credits can increase savings beyond what is saved on the monthly electric bill.

Elevation’s solar batteries let homeowners store solar energy, rather than letting that excess energy flow back into the grid, so they have access to clean energy even when the sun isn’t shining. That energy can be utilized as needed, rather than depending on—and paying for—energy from the grid.

The technology helps protect homeowners from the consequences of power outages, which have been on the rise in recent years. During a power outage, the solar battery will automatically disconnect from the electrical grid to make the home a self-sustaining, self-contained grid and keep essential appliances running. The typical home requires more energy than a single battery provides to be fully powered, so the team maps a homeowner’s battery to their most essential lights and appliances to keep them running no matter what.

Elevation’s patented Curb Energy Monitoring makes the flow of energy inside a home fully visible to the homeowner at any time, day or night. Miniature sensors attach to the home’s electrical panel and measure the exact amount that every major appliance consumes, so homeowners know exactly where they can save money and energy. The technology can process electricity data and detect trends on up to 18 different major appliances or zones within any given home. Examples include living room lights, washing machines, pool equipment, and dishwashers.

Curb optimizes a homeowner’s solar investment by showing dollar expenditures in real time, based on the home’s specific utility plan. In addition, the technology also gives homeowners tips on how to save money and energy. Users can also turn SmartThings IoT devices on or off using Curb Energy Monitoring.

Homeowners are not the only ones to benefit from Elevation’s services and expertise. The company offers renters access to clean energy and cost savings through a turnkey program designed to give property managers a wide range of benefits—including peace of mind. Elevation’s one-of-a-kind combination of energy solutions come together to create significant improvements in both GRESB and ESG scores throughout institutional portfolios, creating immediate cost savings for tenants.

After delivering clean energy to homes throughout the United States, the team wants to provide education to help even more people save energy. The company has partnered with the athletic department of Arizona State University—one of the largest public universities in the United States—giving Elevation the opportunity to promote home energy awareness and solutions to two million fans. The message will reach fans of the Sun Devils football team, basketball team, baseball team, and more, and will be communicated within the Arizona State University stadium and arena, as well as through field signage, game programs and websites, digital advertising, podcasts, radio broadcasts, email, and social media.

As the nation’s leading whole-home energy solutions provider in the residential market, Elevation has come a long way in a short period of time. After aiming to solve their own energy problems, the co-founders have enabled homeowners throughout the nation to solve their energy problems as well. And now, with the addition of an educational program via a major university sports program, the company is set to make an even deeper impact.



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