April 2020

Bringing First-Rate Safety Solutions to the Mining IndustryThe NMT Group

Bringing First-Rate Safety Solutions to the Mining Industry

The NMT Group

Manufacturing company Nordic Minesteel Technologies was founded in 1993 as Minesteel Fabricators Limited by President and Owner Ron Elliot. In 2008, Elliot purchased Nordic Mine Technologies, an outfit that specialized in underground rail haulage, and the two companies amalgamated in 2014 to form what is now Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. (or the NMT Group).

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable EnergyLa Granaudière

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable Energy

La Granaudière

The La Granaudière renewable energy project is currently underway in the Saint Michel des Saints region of Québec. The project involves constructing and operating a wood pellet plant capable of producing 200,000 metric tonnes of pellets annually, to be sold primarily in Europe. After more than five years of planning, the development broke ground in September of 2019 and is expected to be complete by end of the summer of this year.

Flexing the Power MusclesFlex Energy Solutions

Flexing the Power Muscles

Flex Energy Solutions

Increased power consumption in the twenty-first century requires energy consumers to look far and wide for energy sources and ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Creating power solutions that help customers wherever and whenever they need it is where Flex Energy Solutions shines.

Environmental Passion Drives Westpro MachineryWestpro Machinery Inc.

Environmental Passion Drives Westpro Machinery

Westpro Machinery Inc.

Environmental issues and concerns have rightfully taken centre stage for a number of years around the globe, and Westpro Machinery’s ongoing commitment to caring for the earth isn’t just lip service: this Canadian mineral processing technology company is putting its innovative knowledge to excellent use, with more than 34 years of invaluable experience and an unwavering dedication to leaving this planet cleaner for generations to come.

Innovations in Net MaintenanceBadinotti Group

Innovations in Net Maintenance

Badinotti Group

Badinotti Group is a world-renowned international manufacturer of knotted and knotless netting for applications from fish farming and aquaculture to sports and safety. The Group’s Badinotti Services Canada division specializes in net maintenance and cleaning for fisheries and aquaculture farming operations in Canada.

Science-Driven InnovatorsFlex-Chem

Science-Driven Innovators


Flex-Chem is a science-driven innovation leader for the oil and gas industry. The company launched in 2002 with a novel biotechnology used to control paraffin in oil wells, and the team has continued to develop new solutions by working closely with clients.

Clean Sweep — Terrapex Takes On Contaminated Real EstateTerrapex

Clean Sweep — Terrapex Takes On Contaminated Real Estate


As it reaches an impressive 25 years in the industry, Terrapex, a 100 percent Canadian-owned firm with offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Burlington, continually proves its value as a contender in the engineering and geosciences fields, often competing with much larger companies while demonstrating an outstanding reputation in the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites.

Well-Earned Recognition for Speedy GrowthShalePro Energy Services

Well-Earned Recognition for Speedy Growth

ShalePro Energy Services

In 2019, ShalePro Energy Services made Inc. magazine’s annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. It was the third time the Houston, Pennsylvania-based company was included on this prestigious list. The magazine also cited ShalePro as the fastest-growing energy company in Pennsylvania and the twenty-fifth-fastest-growing energy company in the United States. In addition to the company’s headquarters in the center of the Marcellus/Utica Shale Basin, it has seven other locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia to serve customers across the region.

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