October 2021

2021 | October 2021Safe & SustainableDispelling the Myths around Nuclear Energy

2021 | October 2021

Safe & Sustainable

Dispelling the Myths around Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is one of the most widely recognized energy sources today, with the World Nuclear Association reporting that nuclear power supplied 2,553 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity in 2020. However, because of a few highly-publicized accidents involving nuclear reactors and a slew of misinformation and fear following these accidents, nuclear energy’s usefulness to humanity as a safe, reliable source of energy is still downplayed and at risk of being phased out entirely in decades to come.

2021 | Mining | October 2021Keeping Workers Safe UndergroundJannatec Technologies

2021 | Mining | October 2021

Keeping Workers Safe Underground

Jannatec Technologies

Jannatec Technologies designs, manufactures, and sells products and provides services that enhance safety and productivity for people who work underground. Primarily focused on the mining sector, the company’s proprietary products incorporate sensors, cameras, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, connectivity solutions, and other technological tools. When fitted to hardhats, clothing, or vehicles, these products enable communication, hazard detection, data and image-recording, and tracking when workers are underground.

2021 | October 2021 | Oil & GasNational Reach, Personalized ServiceJacam Catalyst

2021 | October 2021 | Oil & Gas

National Reach, Personalized Service

Jacam Catalyst

Chemical service company, Jacam Catalyst, has a strong national presence with offices in more than fifty locations throughout the country, with corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Texas and Kansas. This subsidiary of CES Energy Solutions is the second-largest supplier in the Permian, Mid-Continent, and Rockies production basins and the third-largest oilfield production chemical company in the entire United States.


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