Bridging Suppliers and CustomersMineConnect

Bridging Suppliers and Customers


Although its name is relatively new, MineConnect’s mission remains the same as ever: to serve as the voice of Ontario’s mining sector. Originally known as SAMSSA, the Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Service Association, the organization was rebranded a few years back as MineConnect.

Grace and Growth Under PressureHawe Hydraulik Canada

Grace and Growth Under Pressure

Hawe Hydraulik Canada

‘Solutions for a World Under Pressure!’ is the slogan of German valve and pump manufacturer Hawe Hydraulik, and the company certainly lives up to it. Hydraulic valves—Hawe’s specialty—control the direction of a given liquid within a hydraulic system to activate a machine or equipment function. The company’s valves are used in forestry, agricultural, and construction machines, drilling equipment, lifting platforms, and loading cranes. The firm also makes hydraulic pumps which are sold into many of the same markets as its valves.

MICA Adds New Partners & Projects to Ongoing Mining Innovation WorkMining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA)

MICA Adds New Partners & Projects to Ongoing Mining Innovation Work

Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA)

The Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator, also known as MICA, is an ongoing initiative in the Canadian mining industry to develop innovative technology. MICA was started by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI). This not-for-profit Canadian mining industry research group has been working on advances in mining over the past fifteen years to address challenges and solve problems within the industry.

Advocating for the Role of Mining in a Greener TomorrowBESTECH

Advocating for the Role of Mining in a Greener Tomorrow


Canadian engineering and consulting firm BESTECH has served the mining industry since 1995 and has become known for its work on sustainability in the sector. The company is supported by its sister organization, FROSKR, founded in 2020 to aid the advancement of environmental protection and sustainability in mining operations

Drones Go to New HeightsAERIUM Analytics Inc.

Drones Go to New Heights

AERIUM Analytics Inc.

AERIUM Analytics Inc. is a multi-disciplinary remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) solutions provider that’s taken what was once a concept and leveraged it into a valuable tool that will improve a variety of outcomes in complex operational environments across industries and sectors.

Now HiringOvercoming the Resource Industry Labour Shortage

Now Hiring

Overcoming the Resource Industry Labour Shortage

Labour shortages have become an ongoing challenge for the resource industry. A tsunami of retirements and resignations has hit the mining sector in recent years and there is a lack of workers ready to replace these loses. Employee numbers are plummeting across all levels, from senior management positions to Fly In Fly Out workers.

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