February 2022

Where Safety is the Driving FactorRoyal Truck & Equipment

Where Safety is the Driving Factor

Royal Truck & Equipment

Highway driving—a staple of daily commutes across the country—relies on a number of factors including attentive drivers, well-maintained roads, and adequate safety signage. Road workers labor day and night to keep routes flowing, but workers’ safety is often disregarded by drivers in the rush to reach their destination.

Things Are Heating up For Geothermal EnergyGeosource Energy

Things Are Heating up For Geothermal Energy

Geosource Energy

Geoexchange is how geothermal energy, generated and stored below the Earth’s surface, provides efficient and cost-effective heating, cooling, and hot water to a home or structure. Because the temperature below the surface of the earth remains constant, exchanging heat is more efficient, making geoexchange more sustainable than conventional HVAC, at a fraction of the financial and environmental cost. Known as geothermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, these systems use the stable temperature of the ground to store heat energy so it can be pulled back out and distributed into a building using minimal electricity.

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