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Something from NothingGenerating Power On-Site

Something from Nothing

Generating Power On-Site

The mining industry in North America is big business, employing 615,000 in the United States and close to 400,000 in Canada. The metals and mining industry had total revenues of $172.5 billion in 2020. And mining activities require substantial power to operate in the most productive manner.

A Trusted Name in Delivering a Clean Safe Energy SourceParaco Gas

A Trusted Name in Delivering a Clean Safe Energy Source

Paraco Gas

Propane, a liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, has been an essential source of energy for over a century. What separates propane from other energy sources like gasoline, diesel, and electricity, are its portable convenience, efficiency, safety, affordability, abundance, and its reduced risks of spills and soil contamination. But perhaps more importantly, propane itself is not a greenhouse gas and, if accidentally released into the atmosphere before being burned, will not affect it – an important consideration when considering environmental impacts.

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