February 2020

Carving Out its Place in a Niche MarketMitchell Crane

Carving Out its Place in a Niche Market

Mitchell Crane

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of new aftermarket Link-Belt and American Crane replacement parts, the family-owned and operated Mitchell Crane strives to maintain its commitment to serving the construction, material handling, oil field and farm industries while upholding a strong, decades-long devotion to customer satisfaction in precision machining and manufacturing.

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its CommunitySteam Turbine Alternative Resources

A Turbine Manufacturer Protecting the Environment and Supporting its Community

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources

Steam Turbine Alternative Resources (STAR) is the only family-owned and woman-owned turbine company in the United States. It manufactures replacement parts for turbines in power plants, and its precision machine shop specializes in customized billets to help improve efficiency. For individualized parts that have been worn down, STAR uses reverse engineering to determine how the part fits into the power plant and recreates it.

Running on Sunshine – Harnessing a Passion for Solar SustainabilityAxium Solar

Running on Sunshine – Harnessing a Passion for Solar Sustainability

Axium Solar

Long before we were dealing with serious climate change concerns and encouraging industries to “go green” around the globe, there was solar power — converting energy from sunlight into electricity, directly through the use of photovoltaics, indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination of both. Axium Solar specializes in the photovoltaic method, designing and constructing high-quality systems to make the world both affordable and sustainable.

A Decade of Expert Industrial CoatingsPro Paint

A Decade of Expert Industrial Coatings

Pro Paint

Pro Paint is a western Canadian provider of industrial coating, painting, and abrasive blasting solutions that is known for punching above its weight. At a time when the industry is rationalizing and pruning, there are a number of good reasons why Pro Paint prospers.

The Phoenix of ColoradoKaiser Premier

The Phoenix of Colorado

Kaiser Premier

Eighty miles northeast of Denver, Kaiser Premier is reinvigorated and moving into a bold new future. Thanks to international financing, fresh innovation and a new company culture, Kaiser Premier is bringing new excavator technology in addition to its hydro excavator and sewer recycler technology into growing sectors.

High-End Pumps and Old-Fashioned Customer ServiceTXAM Pumps

High-End Pumps and Old-Fashioned Customer Service

TXAM Pumps

Founded in 1986, TXAM Pumps sells all manner of products related to chemical injection pumping – except for the chemicals themselves. Based in Houston but with a presence in multiple states, the firm designs and manufactures electric, pneumatic, solar, circulation, beam, metering, and woodpecker pumps. Regardless of the type or model, most of its pumps are intended for chemical injection by clients in oil and gas and other markets.

No Holes In This BucketThe Bucket Shop

No Holes In This Bucket

The Bucket Shop

The Bucket Shop is a Canadian company based in Timmins, Ontario that specializes in the manufacture and repair of buckets and truck boxes for the mining industry. After thirty years in business, the company has grown to be an indispensable asset to its customers in the Timmins Mining Camp and beyond.

Opportunity AwaitsYukon Chamber of Mines

Opportunity Awaits

Yukon Chamber of Mines

Discussing the outstanding opportunities and quality of life in the Yukon, Samson Hartland shows real excitement – and so he should. As Executive Director of the Yukon Chamber of Mines for six years, he’s had front seats to the tremendous recent growth of this fabled territory.

Labour & LogisticsThe Changing Face of the Resource Workforce

Labour & Logistics

The Changing Face of the Resource Workforce

As we enter the new decade, today’s resource sector companies are facing greater challenges than ever before. Mining, oil and gas, hydroelectricity, agriculture, and other industries are facing pressure to produce more while increasing profits, reducing waste, remaining cost-effective, and respecting environmental regulations. To achieve these goals and others, logistics is the key.

Modern MiningSmart Practices for a Sustainable Future

Modern Mining

Smart Practices for a Sustainable Future

Companies that adopt sustainability initiatives are everywhere, from small mom-and-pop companies to multinational manufacturers. Green practices are no longer limited to environmental groups or a handful of sectors and exist today in virtually every industry – and mining is no exception.

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