April 2021

2021 | April 2021 | Renewable EnergyRethinking WaterWise Wastewater Management

2021 | April 2021 | Renewable Energy

Rethinking Water

Wise Wastewater Management

From the trickle of water we use at home to brush our teeth to the millions of gallons consumed daily by the resource sectors, agriculture, and manufacturing, every drop is precious. Fortunately, water is far from being a single-use commodity. Depending on contamination, water can be cleaned, recycled, and re-used. From industrial laundromats running their grey water through pipes to heat facilities, to homeowners using dishwater to flush toilets or irrigate gardens, water can be used far more efficiently than we may think.

2021 | April 2021 | Recycling & Waste ManagementA Trusted Voice in the Canadian Recycling IndustryIce River Sustainable Solutions

2021 | April 2021 | Recycling & Waste Management

A Trusted Voice in the Canadian Recycling Industry

Ice River Sustainable Solutions

Four and a half years ago, Ice River was featured in Manufacturing in Focus as a manufacturer of environmentally responsible bottled water. Since that time, it has grown significantly and undergone a major transformation, rebranding under the new name Ice River Sustainable Solutions (IRSS) to demonstrate its increasing commitment to improving the plastics industry.

2021 | April 2021Making an ImpactRecleim

2021 | April 2021

Making an Impact


Recleim procures refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, heating and air conditioning units, and any other household appliances that are being discarded. These old appliances undergo a de-manufacturing process at this environmentally-focused appliance recycling company to deliver an output of various commodities including steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

2021 | April 2021 | Oil & GasFamily-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its BusinessHightowers Petroleum Company

2021 | April 2021 | Oil & Gas

Family-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its Business

Hightowers Petroleum Company

Hightowers Petroleum Company (HPC) has successfully adapted to the challenges posed by COVID and shifting energy markets. Incorporated in 1984, this Middletown, Ohio-based, family-run gas and diesel wholesaler, profiled in the July 2019 issue of Business in Focus magazine, continues to be a leading African-American-owned fuel company, primarily serving the downstream petroleum sector.


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