May 2023

May 2023 | Renewable EnergyRevitalizing a Community With Renewable EnergyLa Granaudière

May 2023 | Renewable Energy

Revitalizing a Community With Renewable Energy

La Granaudière

The La Granaudière renewable energy project is currently underway in the Saint Michel des Saints region of Québec. The project involves constructing and operating a wood pellet plant capable of producing 200,000 metric tonnes of pellets annually, to be sold primarily in Europe. After more than five years of planning, the development broke ground in September of 2019 and is expected to be complete by end of the summer of this year.

Agriculture | May 2023Doers, Dreamers, and VisionariesAdvancedAg

Agriculture | May 2023

Doers, Dreamers, and Visionaries


Canada is one of the world’s biggest food producers, responsible for nutritious crops like wheat, corn, canola, rye, malt barley, soybeans, beets, and potatoes, to name a few. Pulses such as peas and lentils, chickpeas and beans—staples of Canadian farmers—are packed full of health-giving protein, fibre, and iron.

Agriculture | May 2023Farming For the Future: New Developments, Facilities and Labor PracticesCLAAS of America

Agriculture | May 2023

Farming For the Future: New Developments, Facilities and Labor Practices

CLAAS of America

In an era marked by changing climates and a rising global population, the world’s food producers need new tools to raise efficiency and output. From its U.S. headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, CLAAS of America is dedicated to its mission of improving efficiency and reducing losses using over a century of industrial experience. With new machines, new facilities, and new leadership, CLAAS and its North American division offer the latest in farming machinery.

May 2023Electrifying the Way to Lower EmissionsEVs in Resource Operations

May 2023

Electrifying the Way to Lower Emissions

EVs in Resource Operations

Once thought of as something from the future, electric vehicles (EVs) are now here to stay. While rechargeable batteries are nothing new and can be found in everything from smartphones to handheld drills, vast improvements in technology have made rechargeable batteries lighter and smaller, yet with the strength to power mining trucks and other heavy stuff. Batteries that seemingly took forever to charge and with little operating time are yielding to batteries with much shorter charging times, longer-lasting charges, and better lifespans.


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