September 2022

A Balancing ActWhy Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

A Balancing Act

Why Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

From the cars we drive daily to natural gas for cooking to generating electricity to heat our homes, the dependence on fossil fuels goes back centuries. Yet it’s impossible to turn on the TV or read the news and not see a story that’s part of a swelling chorus about the urgent need to reduce, or even eliminate, our dependence on fossil fuels.

Big Oil & Rising RenewablesFossil Fuels at a Fork in the Road

Big Oil & Rising Renewables

Fossil Fuels at a Fork in the Road

Peak oil theory is the concept that there is a point where the world’s production of oil will reach the maximum amount of production, after which the amount we can produce will start to decline. This comes from American geologist and geophysicist Marion King Hubbert, who theorized that oil production ultimately has a bell-shaped curve.

Cleaning up Clean Energy SolutionsRegO Products

Cleaning up Clean Energy Solutions

RegO Products

With a broad range of flow-control components and engineered-to-order applications, including a wide array of valves, pressure regulators, and safety devices for mission-critical applications using gases in liquid form, RegO Products offers peace of mind that equipment will perform optimally, safely, and reliably time and time again.

This Visionary Company Offers Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Fracturing TechnologyCatalyst Energy Services

This Visionary Company Offers Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

Catalyst Energy Services

Catalyst Energy Services is a new company with innovative technology that might shake up the hydraulic fracturing sector. Based in Midland, Texas, Catalyst designs and manufactures hydraulic fracturing equipment which it uses to support its hydraulic fracturing services. Hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking or fracing, involves injecting liquids into shale or sand formations to break them and release more oil and natural gas.

Setting Customers up for SuccessDomino Highvoltage Supply

Setting Customers up for Success

Domino Highvoltage Supply

High voltage electrical supply company, Domino Highvoltage Supply, located across North America, specializes in products for constructing substations and OH/URD distribution and transmission lines, and other such products for the high voltage electrical industry. Since the company’s previous feature in Resource in Focus in 2021, Chief Executive Officer Grant Lockhart reports that the Domino group of companies has become “truly coast-to-coast,” in its native Canada.

Leading Through ExpertiseACE Solar

Leading Through Expertise

ACE Solar

As solar energy continues to become a more reliable and sustainable energy producer, the sector has naturally attracted numerous entrants seeking to make their fortune. However, many have learned the market is not as simple as they had thought, as evidenced by the high turnover rate.

Recycling Rubber for Revenue and a Better EnvironmentK & S Tire Recycling, Inc.

Recycling Rubber for Revenue and a Better Environment

K & S Tire Recycling, Inc.

K & S Tire Recycling, Inc. processes scrap tires, turning old rubber into new products. Based in Chicago Heights, Illinois, this family-owned and operated company primarily works in the Midwest but aims to have a nationwide presence within a few years. For this firm, recycling tires has proven to be both a lucrative business venture and a boon to the environment.

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