September 2022

2022 | Oil & Gas | September 2022This Visionary Company Offers Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Fracturing TechnologyCatalyst Energy Services

2022 | Oil & Gas | September 2022

This Visionary Company Offers Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

Catalyst Energy Services

Catalyst Energy Services is a new company with innovative technology that might shake up the hydraulic fracturing sector. Based in Midland, Texas, Catalyst designs and manufactures hydraulic fracturing equipment which it uses to support its hydraulic fracturing services. Hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking or fracing, involves injecting liquids into shale or sand formations to break them and release more oil and natural gas.

2022 | September 2022Setting Customers up for SuccessDomino Highvoltage Supply

2022 | September 2022

Setting Customers up for Success

Domino Highvoltage Supply

High voltage electrical supply company, Domino Highvoltage Supply, located across North America, specializes in products for constructing substations and OH/URD distribution and transmission lines, and other such products for the high voltage electrical industry. Since the company’s previous feature in Resource in Focus in 2021, Chief Executive Officer Grant Lockhart reports that the Domino group of companies has become “truly coast-to-coast,” in its native Canada.

2022 | September 2022Leading Through ExpertiseACE Solar

2022 | September 2022

Leading Through Expertise

ACE Solar

As solar energy continues to become a more reliable and sustainable energy producer, the sector has naturally attracted numerous entrants seeking to make their fortune. However, many have learned the market is not as simple as they had thought, as evidenced by the high turnover rate.


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