April 2022

Nothing WastedWise Waste Management Processes

Nothing Wasted

Wise Waste Management Processes

From food waste to old coffee pods to 100 billion-plus plastic water bottles annually in the U.S. – not to mention cardboard boxes and bubble wrap – we filled a planet with waste, compost, and recyclables. Then COVID-19 restrictions and online ordering made it even worse.

Mastering Mining and Building BridgesMineConnect USA

Mastering Mining and Building Bridges

MineConnect USA

In just a few short years, MineConnect has become a formidable force in the Canadian mining industry. Now, in a stunning move, it is bringing its expertise to the highly developed and professional mining economy of northern Nevada, a win-win for the USA and its northern neighbour.

Safety MattersJannatec Technologies

Safety Matters

Jannatec Technologies

In business, there are visionaries, and there are imitators. In the field of mining safety and communications, Jannatec Technologies remains at the forefront of innovative technology in products, systems, and services that improve both ease of operations and safety.

Rolling Out Safety & Service Across CanadaJoseph Group Canada

Rolling Out Safety & Service Across Canada

Joseph Group Canada

As one of North America’s most trusted bulk transportation providers, Joseph Group Canada knows how to provide logistics solutions to suit its clients’ products, pockets, and schedules. From its base in Stoney Creek, Ontario, the company has seen significant growth in the past two years, expanding its physical footprint into London, Ontario and diversifying its services to effectively transport an ever-widening range of freight. Its staff count has also been growing, with around four hundred employees working for the group at present.

Family-Owned Business, Sawmill SuccessBeasley Forest Products

Family-Owned Business, Sawmill Success

Beasley Forest Products

Family-owned Beasley Forest Products, Inc. blends traditional values like hard work and loyalty with a progressive vision centered on sustainability, diversification and automation. The Beasley Forest location is a part of the sawmill business segment for the Beasley Group, a vertically integrated forest products business headquartered in Hazlehurst, Georgia.

Green Growth StandardsFuture-Proofing the Economy

Green Growth Standards

Future-Proofing the Economy

We have become so good at extracting resources from the Earth that we’re now extracting at three times the rate that we did in 1970. Demand is increasing as emerging economies mature. By 2025, global consumption will reach $62 trillion, twice as much as in 2013.

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