Bridging Suppliers and CustomersMineConnect

Bridging Suppliers and Customers


Although its name is relatively new, MineConnect’s mission remains the same as ever: to serve as the voice of Ontario’s mining sector. Originally known as SAMSSA, the Sudbury Area Mining Supply & Service Association, the organization was rebranded a few years back as MineConnect.

Mastering Mining and Building BridgesMineConnect USA

Mastering Mining and Building Bridges

MineConnect USA

In just a few short years, MineConnect has become a formidable force in the Canadian mining industry. Now, in a stunning move, it is bringing its expertise to the highly developed and professional mining economy of northern Nevada, a win-win for the USA and its northern neighbour.

Safety MattersJannatec Technologies

Safety Matters

Jannatec Technologies

In business, there are visionaries, and there are imitators. In the field of mining safety and communications, Jannatec Technologies remains at the forefront of innovative technology in products, systems, and services that improve both ease of operations and safety.

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