May 2021

New Office, New Outlook and New MarketsCTLGroup

New Office, New Outlook and New Markets


There have been significant developments at CTLGroup since Construction in Focus profiled the Skokie, Illinois firm in October 2017. In addition to opening a New York City office, the company has adapted to the challenges of COVID and the opportunities presented by renewable energy and possible federal infrastructure funding.

From the Ground UpPeed Equipment Co.

From the Ground Up

Peed Equipment Co.

In 1982, a longtime heavy equipment operator, Dennis M. Peed, started the Peed Equipment Company with the vision of “rebuilding D9H dozers from the frame up.” What he did build was an exemplary equipment-rental company specializing in heavy construction and mining.

New Needs, New InnovationsStaying Safe on Mine Sites

New Needs, New Innovations

Staying Safe on Mine Sites

Mining is an industry in transition. The days of miners working shoulder-to-shoulder under dangerous conditions are disappearing, as modern machinery takes over for human labour. But there is still plenty to do to improve safety in one of our most dangerous occupations.

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