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Going VirtualThe 32nd Energy Summit

Going Virtual

The 32nd Energy Summit

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to re-evaluate our priorities, from how we work to where we shop for essentials. Literally no family, business, organization, or association hasn’t been impacted by the virus, which has caused the delay or outright cancelation of massive conferences, conventions and seminars worldwide.

Into the WoodsSustainable Forestry Practices

Into the Woods

Sustainable Forestry Practices

Without forests, life on earth would cease to exist. Absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, forests are home to Indigenous persons and countless species of wildlife, and are a valuable source of wood for lumber, fuel, furniture, medicine and more.

Due NorthIn Search of Prosperity

Due North

In Search of Prosperity

Canada’s wealth is dependent on natural resources – the discovery, extraction, processing and transportation of them, but also their use in industries like construction and manufacturing, which are the economic engines that drive the global economy.

Opportunity AwaitsYukon Chamber of Mines

Opportunity Awaits

Yukon Chamber of Mines

Discussing the outstanding opportunities and quality of life in the Yukon, Samson Hartland shows real excitement – and so he should. As Executive Director of the Yukon Chamber of Mines for six years, he’s had front seats to the tremendous recent growth of this fabled territory.

Labour & LogisticsThe Changing Face of the Resource Workforce

Labour & Logistics

The Changing Face of the Resource Workforce

As we enter the new decade, today’s resource sector companies are facing greater challenges than ever before. Mining, oil and gas, hydroelectricity, agriculture, and other industries are facing pressure to produce more while increasing profits, reducing waste, remaining cost-effective, and respecting environmental regulations. To achieve these goals and others, logistics is the key.

Modern MiningSmart Practices for a Sustainable Future

Modern Mining

Smart Practices for a Sustainable Future

Companies that adopt sustainability initiatives are everywhere, from small mom-and-pop companies to multinational manufacturers. Green practices are no longer limited to environmental groups or a handful of sectors and exist today in virtually every industry – and mining is no exception.

Power HungryInvesting in the Future of Energy Storage

Power Hungry

Investing in the Future of Energy Storage

From our homes to our offices, daily energy use is increasing across the board – both for mundane tasks as simple as charging our cell phones to key operations like global corporations backing up massive amounts of sensitive data offsite. The need for safe and readily available power keeps growing, and some predict energy storage will be the next big business.

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