December 2021

2021 | December 2021From Forest to FashionAV Group Canada

2021 | December 2021

From Forest to Fashion

AV Group Canada

If you’re wearing apparel that drapes and flows beautifully, with a luxurious silk-like sheen and bearing a label from any number of popular international brands, you may be surprised to learn it began life in a forest in New Brunswick, sustainably managed by AV Group, and processed in a dissolving-grade pulp mill, also owned by the AV Group.

2021 | December 2021The Family History and Bright Future of Wayside RadiatorWayside Radiator

2021 | December 2021

The Family History and Bright Future of Wayside Radiator

Wayside Radiator

Texas radiator repair service Wayside Radiator’s Mark Loe, company President and owner, tells how his father Miguel Loe, Sr., in his early career as a mechanic, became familiar with the workings of radiators and the business surrounding their cleaning and repair. After gaining enough experience, Miguel opened a shop in western Odessa, Texas which he would later move to Midland, naming it “Loe’s Radiator Shop.”

2021 | December 2021Proprietary Solutions for Oil Patch Workers, Companies, and the EnvironmentAMGAS Services Inc.

2021 | December 2021

Proprietary Solutions for Oil Patch Workers, Companies, and the Environment

AMGAS Services Inc.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, AMGAS Services Inc. is a world leader in emission control products and technologies for the oil and gas industry. The company’s proprietary solutions can be used against a witch’s brew of toxic emissions including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), toluene, xylenes, and benzenes. AMGAS has a global presence, big growth goals, and an eco-friendly attitude.

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