True GritEnerCorp Sand Solutions

True Grit

EnerCorp Sand Solutions

EnerCorp Sand Solutions provides patented and proprietary sand management solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company specializes in developing sand control technology and is well established as an innovator in the sand management industry. EnerCorp designs, manufactures, sells, rents, and services its equipment throughout North America and intends to expand its reach.

Working with CommunitiesThe Great Western Oil & Gas Company

Working with Communities

The Great Western Oil & Gas Company

Great Western Oil & Gas Company, LLC (GW) operates over four hundred wells in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, centered in the eastern part of Colorado and stretching into parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. The basin is known for its deposits of oil and gas which are critical for America’s energy independence. GW is one of the top ten drillers in Colorado by production volume, producing 11,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Safety and CommunityBeretta Pipeline Construction

Safety and Community

Beretta Pipeline Construction

Beretta Pipeline Construction is situated in Onion Lake, located on the Saskatchewan side of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The company is owned by Onion Lake Energy Ltd., an Onion Lake Cree Nation community. Having grown from a simple pipeline company to one that offers so much more, Beretta Pipeline Construction is dedicated to offering quality products and services.

Demand-Driven InnovationPacific Ethanol

Demand-Driven Innovation

Pacific Ethanol

This is a truly exciting and ground-breaking time to be involved in the ethanol industry due to the continued support from the federal government’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the low carbon profile of ethanol, the relative cost of ethanol to gasoline, and the high octane rating of the fuel. Companies such as Pacific Ethanol are on the cusp of a new era. Environmental standards are taken into consideration more and more these days, and ethanol is at the forefront of these efforts.

Bring Solar HomeGrasshopper Solar

Bring Solar Home

Grasshopper Solar

Last May, I spoke with Ontario’s largest solar provider, Grasshopper Solar of Mississauga. We discussed the residential market, the cost of solar and how the general public needs to be educated about the benefits of solar technologies. Now, we celebrate its tenth anniversary and look to President and Chief Executive Officer Azeem Qureshi for the latest developments in the solar industry and within the company itself.

Power HungryInvesting in the Future of Energy Storage

Power Hungry

Investing in the Future of Energy Storage

From our homes to our offices, daily energy use is increasing across the board – both for mundane tasks as simple as charging our cell phones to key operations like global corporations backing up massive amounts of sensitive data offsite. The need for safe and readily available power keeps growing, and some predict energy storage will be the next big business.

A History of Proven ExpertiseNordic Minesteel Technologies

A History of Proven Expertise

Nordic Minesteel Technologies

Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT) is a global company that reaches Africa, Australia, South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Having such a wide spread and nearly thirty years of doing business around the world has given the company a high referral rate that sees new clients seeking out its expertise and quality. Not every client comes through these word of mouth channels. The company also boasts a productive outside sales team and a dedicated set of internal staff who take part in more creative marketing approaches.

Toward a Greener FutureEcowaste

Toward a Greener Future


The way in which we view material headed for the landfill has certainly changed a lot in the last forty-eight years, and Ecowaste has been there to see these changes firsthand. By finishing and closing sections of the landfill, the company has been able to lease portions of land to other companies to bring a number of recovery and disposal techniques under its roof.

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