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Beretta Pipeline Construction

Beretta Pipeline Construction is situated in Onion Lake, located on the Saskatchewan side of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The company is owned by Onion Lake Energy Ltd., an Onion Lake Cree Nation community. Having grown from a simple pipeline company to one that offers so much more, Beretta Pipeline Construction is dedicated to offering quality products and services.
Beretta Pipeline Construction, initially established in 1977, was sold to Onion Lake Energy Ltd., a First Nations community of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, in Onion Lake, Saskatchewan in 2003. Beretta Pipeline Construction is focused on its customers and is dedicated to providing sound and dependable construction services in such fields as civil construction, oil and gas, and more. In addition to its work on construction and infrastructure projects, the company also produces aggregate.

One aspect of the company that sets Beretta Pipeline Construction apart from its competitors is its diverse abilities and breadth of knowledge, making it a true one-stop shop for anyone in need of construction services.

Indeed, Beretta Pipeline Construction’s six discrete divisions of specialty are a benefit for its clients. Because of its many areas of expertise, the company is able to meet and often exceed the needs that arise from its clients’ projects.

According to the company’s website, its divisions include aggregate, pipeline construction, civil construction, oilfield maintenance, and environmental remediation. And in order to meet demand coming from the growing exploration and development of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas sector, Beretta Pipeline Construction also has a division for oil and gas facility construction. According to a CBC article, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) says that there have been 1940 wells dug in Saskatchewan in 2017 alone.

As per its website, Beretta Pipeline Construction’s services also include steel and fiberglass pipeline construction, replacement, lowering and repairing, gas and oil gathering, road crossings, hot oil transmission lines, “directional drilling (as in crossing the roads, rivers and muskeg) and all spoolable pipe including HDPE, Flexpipe, Fiberspar, Flexsteel.”

The company puts a great deal of importance on safety, with safety being front and foremost with every project or job that it takes on. A significant amount of focus is placed on keeping both its staff and customers safe, and to reinforce a culture of safety, all employees take part in the company’s many safety practices.

According to a recent article in Energy and Mining Magazine, Beretta Pipeline Construction has established more than one hundred ways to promote safety for its employees, clients and the environment. Company leadership wants everyone to be safe, an attitude that benefits all.

According to its website, in keeping with Beretta Pipeline Construction’s high standards of safety, the company has a thorough drug awareness policy in place that requires drug and alcohol testing before an employee is hired and again after the occurrence of any incident in the workplace or by staff while carrying out job duties.

Because Beretta Pipeline Construction wants to go that extra mile to keep things safe, the company is also certified to teach First Aid, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS, Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan certified operator training and fire extinguisher safety, and Ground Disturbance levels one and two. And according to its website, Beretta Pipeline Construction is one of only a few companies of its kind to have a full time Gold Seal safety officer – certified by the Canadian Construction Association. Needless to say, the company is very proud of its comprehensive Safety Program.

According to the article in Energy and Mining Magazine, Beretta Pipeline Construction has made great efforts over the last four years and taken great strides to diversify its capabilities and expand its services. It is in the process of designing a “mobile soil reclamation system” which it aims to patent soon. In the article, Darrell Carter, General Manager of Beretta Pipeline Construction, is quoted as saying: “if we can get the necessary government approvals and get this system operational, we’ll have something no one else in the region has.”

Of all the accomplishments it has enjoyed and hurdles it has surmounted, Beretta Pipeline Construction gives most of the credit for its success to the incredibly capable women and men who work for the company. Its dedicated and knowledgeable management team and employees all have varying areas of expertise and capabilities – but their skills are maximized by the fact that most are trained to take on multiple tasks, in more than one area of the company. Employees are cross-trained so that they are able to help out wherever they are needed.

Beretta Pipeline Construction is 100 percent owned, operated and managed by a First Nation. Depending on the time of year, the company has between 50 to 180 employees (at the peak of construction season), and when in need of personnel, has access to an impressively large labour pool of skilled and entry-level workers from reserves all over Canada. The company takes great pride in its heritage and aims to generate as much revenue and employment for the First Nations community as possible, hoping to eventually expand to have 500 plus employees. Understandably, the company is very excited about the federal government’s recent announcements to provide funding for improvements to infrastructure and clean drinking water availability for some First Nations communities and reserves.

For its part, Beretta Pipeline Construction is always looking to give back to the communities in which it operates, donating both time and money to local charities and sports organizations.

As the company continues to grow and expand, Beretta Pipeline Construction will continue offering excellent service while creating jobs and opportunities for First Nations communities throughout Canada.



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