Reducing Waste, Expenses, and the Carbon Footprint of Its Clients

Premier Facility Management / Premier Compaction Systems
Written by Nate Hendley

Premier Facility Management (PFM) and sister company Premier Compaction Systems (PCS) offer practical and sustainable waste management and recycling services, solutions, and products. Based in Woodland Park, New Jersey, the Premier firms aim to shrink landfills, improve the environment, and lower costs for clients by reducing their waste transportation and tipping fees.

Services rendered by PFM include the design and installation of recycling and waste equipment, material marketing (a company database tracks global material markets for paper, plastics, Styrofoam, wood, masonry, metal, and other substances), and obsolete and excess inventory control solutions. The latter service entails the tracking and monitoring of excess raw, packaged, and finished goods (to ensure they are properly disposed of). Inventory control can cover personal care products, cosmetics, fragrances, and industrial chemicals.

Additional company competencies include liquid and bulk waste solidification, cosmetic product incineration, electronic recycling, and ethanol recycling. Equipment maintenance and repairs are also offered (the firm has in-house and in-the-field fabrication capabilities), as well as power washing and cleaning, site surveys and insurance inspections. Preventative maintenance services are available too.

Premier handles all manner of materials, including plastic, wood, rubber, glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, insulation, foam/carpets, packaging, Styrofoam, and more. A sample green certified destruction material audit form on the company website lists additional substances that PFM can process such as solvents, nail polish, oils, metal alloys, steel, and detergents, to name a few. The company’s customer base covers residential buildings, malls, schools, government offices, sports facilities, industrial facilities, and more.

A vast array of recycling equipment is available for clients. Popular products include high-capacity shredders (for securely destroying vast quantities of confidential documents), augers (used to pre-crush and compact cardboard, construction refuse, plastic, and pallets), and cart tippers (which dump loads into compacting equipment).

Various compactors and balers are offered as well. Compacting waste into sealed bags can drastically reduce waste volumes, while also preventing leakage and foul smells. The company’s compactor category includes self-contained compactors (these are specifically designed for wet waste and the containment of liquids) and stationary compactors (designed for “maximum compaction of waste materials into a receiver container of various sizes,” in the firm’s words).

The baler category includes horizontal balers (featuring multiple feed openings and chamber sizes, these are useful machines when recycling in high volumes); vertical balers (which take up a smaller footprint compared to other balers); conveyor-fed baling systems; and multi-chamber balers (which sort and bale recyclable items such as plastic film and cardboard). Additional gear on offer includes plastic foam densifying machines (which use high-volume extrusion to crush plastic foam scrap) and turbo separators (interior blades, bars, and screens separate packaging from products).

PFM can provide eco-friendly construction and demolition-related services. The firm will sort and separate demolition and construction debris, with an eye toward finding reusable items and/or materials. Some reusable products are donated to charities. These construction and demolition services help contractors fulfill Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and other regulatory requirements. The LEED program is an initiative from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Clients can also contract PFM for solid waste engineering. This entails customized source separation, waste audits, supply chain overview, inventory issue solutions, sustainability compliance, and more.

PFM was founded by a waste management industry veteran named Bob Frustaci. His vision was to establish a waste management firm that put sustainability first. The company was initially based out of a 10 by 10 foot office and had minimal capital. In the early days, the fledgling firm was primarily focused on serving the hotel industry, but it soon branched out and expanded into the construction and manufacturing sectors, where waste, unused materials, and excess inventory are common issues.

The company has been recognized for its work. On February 9, 2018, PFM received a Certificate of Innovation in Sustainability from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). PFM has also received the Green America Business Seal of Approval. To earn this honor, a firm must demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, and businesses that garner the Seal of Approval are listed in the National Green Pages.

PFM has also been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2020 and is affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Green America, the New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association, and others.

Sister company PCS (Premier Compaction Systems, LLC) offers waste equipment services in the Northeastern United States, with a focus on compactors and trash chutes. PCS staff can design and implement waste management processes using top-of-the-line equipment. The company promises a “total recycling solution” and can provide servicing and repairs as well.

The customer base for PCS includes municipal governments, grocery stores, nursing homes, retailers, manufacturers, residential buildings, distribution centers, packaging companies, schools, hospitals, and more.

PCS has also earned multiple awards and kudos, including a 2018 Certificate of Innovation in Sustainability from New Jersey DEP (the same honor that was earned by PFM) and a Gotham Green Award in 2018. The Gotham Green Awards are awarded by Gotham Networking to small and mid-sized companies “for their contributions, inspiration and guidance in helping us all take better care of the planet and ourselves” as a press release puts it.

PCS also was named 2019’s Best Sustainable Waste Management company by the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal and was a 2019 Manufacturer of the Year finalist in the small company category (with 50 employees or fewer). The latter contest was run by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP), a not-for-profit organization that helps manufacturers based in New Jersey become more competitive, efficient, and effective.

Into the future, expect to see Premier Facility Management and Premier Compaction Systems continue to lead the way on reducing waste, recycling costs, and the carbon footprint of their clients, all the while improving the environment.



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