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2021 | December 2021The Family History and Bright Future of Wayside RadiatorWayside Radiator

2021 | December 2021

The Family History and Bright Future of Wayside Radiator

Wayside Radiator

Texas radiator repair service Wayside Radiator’s Mark Loe, company President and owner, tells how his father Miguel Loe, Sr., in his early career as a mechanic, became familiar with the workings of radiators and the business surrounding their cleaning and repair. After gaining enough experience, Miguel opened a shop in western Odessa, Texas which he would later move to Midland, naming it “Loe’s Radiator Shop.”

2021 | November 2021Staking a Claim in North America’s Maritime Industry with Technology & CollaborationMacArtney Canada

2021 | November 2021

Staking a Claim in North America’s Maritime Industry with Technology & Collaboration

MacArtney Canada

Atlantic Canada is a burgeoning ecosystem of ocean technology in Canada and around the world. Hubs like the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), ocean focused post-secondary education institutes such as Dalhousie University and the Marine Institute of Memorial University, and the many world class ocean technology OEMs are a big part of the growth of this ecosystem. MacArtney seems right at home in Atlantic Canada as opportunities seem to be only growing with time.

2021 | October 2021Safe & SustainableDispelling the Myths around Nuclear Energy

2021 | October 2021

Safe & Sustainable

Dispelling the Myths around Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is one of the most widely recognized energy sources today, with the World Nuclear Association reporting that nuclear power supplied 2,553 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity in 2020. However, because of a few highly-publicized accidents involving nuclear reactors and a slew of misinformation and fear following these accidents, nuclear energy’s usefulness to humanity as a safe, reliable source of energy is still downplayed and at risk of being phased out entirely in decades to come.

2021 | September 2021Driving the Industry ForwardDomino Highvoltage Supply Inc.

2021 | September 2021

Driving the Industry Forward

Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc.

Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. is one of Canada’s top critical infrastructure supply chain businesses, serving both North and South America. For CEO & President Grant Lockhart, what makes the company stand out is their understanding of the two different worlds of the public and private sectors in the electrical utility industry, as well as Domino’s dynamic group of companies, which includes AllPower Tools, AllPower Rentals, Domino Highvoltage Supply, Domino Highvoltage Test Labs & Transmission Innovations.

2021 | September 2021Test Chamber Solutions Built to LastRussells Technical Products

2021 | September 2021

Test Chamber Solutions Built to Last

Russells Technical Products

Michigan-based Russells Technical Products manufactures test chambers and systems. The company’s roots reach back as far as the 1940s and Ken Russell, the then-operator of Ken Russells Refrigeration, a commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business. Ken Russells Refrigeration was a precursor to Russells Technical Products, which went on to design and manufacture environmental test chambers, which are generally used to expose specific environmental conditions to various products, materials, or components.

2021 | August 2021Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright FutureGreat Southwestern Construction

2021 | August 2021

Riding a Wave of Momentum, from 2020 Successes into a Bright Future

Great Southwestern Construction

Great Southwestern Construction is a Colorado-based electrical services provider that has been active across the United States for nearly forty-five years. Vice President Travis Martinez feels that the culture of GSWC is what has separated it from the competition across these many decades. “We have a long, established history of performing work safely and effectively throughout the country,” he says. “The culture we have created is what puts us in our unique position.”

2021 | July 2021 | MiningAn Innovative Approach to Mining TechnologyXPS Expert Process Solutions

2021 | July 2021 | Mining

An Innovative Approach to Mining Technology

XPS Expert Process Solutions

XPS Expert Process Solutions provides metallurgical consulting, technology, and testing services to the global mining industry. The origin of the group dates back to the 1940s, starting in Sudbury, Ontario as the Falconbridge Technology Centre (FTC), an internal department of Falconbridge Ltd. that supported the nickel mining operation. The centre developed over the decades into a full-fledged metallurgical testing operation. Following the merger of Falconbridge and Noranda in 2005, the Falconbridge Technology Centre combined the expertise of its sister organization, the Noranda Research Centre, adding further expertise and capability in process support and development.

2020 | October 2020Celebrating Over a Century of Dedicated ServiceHarris

2020 | October 2020

Celebrating Over a Century of Dedicated Service


Georgia-based Harris specializes in manufacturing products that benefit the scrap processing, recycling, and waste-handling industries. It was founded in 1889 by two business partners who began a machine shop and fabricating business to support the sawmill and railroad industries in and around Cordele, Georgia. Harris later became known for designing the world’s first hydraulic baler in the 1930s, the first hydraulic shear in the 1950s, and the first two ram baler in the 1960s. As President Greg King asserts, the company effectively was the shear and baler industry both domestically and globally for a time.


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